Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Tunzaa products or services? The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are organized by topic, and they provide answers to the most common questions asked by customers. If you do not quickly find the answer you are looking for, please send us an email at


What is Tunzaa?

Tunzaa is a fintech product that improves financial habits of everyday Africans through gamification with a marketplace for goods & services.

Our marketplace for goods and services connect businesses with a network of buyers and help buyers achieve their goals and plans by facilitating payments in small amounts of money at the user’s own pace directly from their mobile money wallets.

Do I need an account to purchase from Tunzaa?

Yes. You must register on Tunzaa to start purchasing products or services. 

If I put in my phone number are there any charges?

There is no charge when you sign up with your phone number. Your phone number is only used for notification purposes. It also serves as a username and lets you sign in to your account.

Is there any purchase interest charge?

There are no purchase interest charges while using Tunzaa to buy a product or service.

Can I only purchase with my number?

No, you do not have to. You can get help from a family, relative or a friend to accomplish your goals.

What happens if I started paying for the product, but the market price dropped while I'm still paying for it?

Since you have already started paying for your product, you will continue to pay for the same price.


How does Tunzaa control the quality of products from businesses?

We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products. We, also, take all necessary actions to ensure that any seller found to be selling non-genuine products is immediately delisted from Tunzaa.

Can I see products that most people buy the most?

We are currently working on this feature and when we finish testing it, every user on our platform will be able to see the most purchased products.

When I buy a product, how do I get it?

After completing payments, you will receive a message about your payment via SMS or email. Our representative will call you to confirm how to deliver your product.

What are the delivery costs?

Tunzaa offers free delivery in Dar es salaam only.

How do I know if my product is still there when I continue to pay for it?

We make sure the product you are paying for is available to the seller until you have completed your payment.

If the time I set myself to complete the goal has come to an end and I have no money to pay for it what happens?

Tunzaa allows you to keep track of your payments at all times as well as receive reminders about your needs, so it's easy to accomplish your goals.


How can I join as a business?

It's very easy:

1) Download the Tunzaa+ app (business app) 

2) Register your business.

3) You will receive a message confirming your business.

How much does it cost to join as a business on Tunzaa?

It’s free! Our mobile business app allows you to place your products or services on the Tunzaa market, track your sales, provide customer service and easily promote your business.

My business is online and I don't have a TRA license. Can I still join Tunzaa as a business?

We focus on the quality of service we provide to customers and adhere to the rules and regulations set by the United Republic of Tanzania. If you want to register your business on Tunzaa make sure your business is registered.

Is it possible to control the buyer's time limit to complete all payments for goods or services?

Yes, a business can set a specific time that he wants the customer to have completed the payment of his goal.

How much does a business have to pay Tunzaa to keep its products or services?

There is no charge. To register on Tunzaa and start selling products or services is free. You will only pay a small fee when you complete sales with Tunzaa.

How does Tunzaa benefit from its services?

We charge a small fee when a business completes a sale through Tunzaa to cover the costs of the payment transactions and business operations.

When a customer starts paying for a product or service, where does the money go?

When a customer starts making payments for a product or service, the money he or she pays is sent to the account of the merchant concerned.